Okay techno playa’s . . . as part of my other job I am hoping to be a little creative in the use of video feeds, webcasting, etc. over the time of my term.  I’ll be using ustream.tv, gotomeeting.com and skype as much as possible to appear at events, talk with groups, etc. but not everyone is able to set up a live feed.  With this in mind,  I have also offered to do some pre-recorded video for some celebration and events that I can’t attend in person — why folks want me there in a whole other issue, but stay with me here — but want to lend the support and visiablity of the moderator’s office.  I am able to do that right now with a variety of means, but thought I would see if there are some other great/easy ways to record, edit and publish that I have not thought of.

Here is what I have to work with:

  • MacBook Pro w/built in camera
  • Snowball Mic
  • Headset/Mic Combo
  • Flip Camera
  • All basic Mac software

Here is what I want to do:

  • Sit down
  • Record Video
  • Edit/Format
  • Send to event
  • Publish

So for you who are truly tech-heads, what would you do? 
Other advice and/or ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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