Besides the blog from Director, Eric Hoey, the ning-based Deep and Wide network and PresbyGrow, if you are up for a cross-theological conversations on Evangelism, try making it to the consultation that is being held this November at Stony Point all organized by the General Assembly Council.

Purpose Statement
“Grow the Church, Deep and Wide” will gather Presbyterians from across
the established boundaries of theology and passion to celebrate, share
and nurture the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and continuous
commitment that more and more Presbyterians are making as they catch
the wave — witnessing to and sharing the good news all can experience
as they are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, we
will commit to bold action to support Presbyterians who commit to live
their faith in the most compelling and invitational way possible.

While this may be difficult for some to get to because of travel and funds, I think it will be worth it as we try to think about Evangelism today in new and and creative ways across the traditional theological and contextual bounds.  I will be there and look forward to learning from folks who can make it.

If you have any questions about the event visit the website and/or contact Eric Hoey and he can address your questions and/or send more info.

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