Greetings all.  I hope folks are doing well.  Here are a few points of interest that I thought might be a good addition to your Friday web wanderings.

I WANT ONE, EH – Those Canadians really do rock!  I may be behind the 8-Ball on this one, but have folks seen wondercafe?  I know there are some PC(USA) sites that are moving towards this: PresbyGrow comes out of the GA Church Growth office, PFR moved that way with thier GA2008 site and the Presbyterian Foundation’s Youth Minitry Live did a good job.  I am sure there are many more, but WonderCafe seems to be a good example of a wide reaching site.   What do you think?  Are there some other sites/2.0 locations that might be good models?  Would something like this work for PC(USA) folks?  [h/t: Diana Butler Bass]

MYSPACE ANYONE? – I have not visited my MySpace Profile in months.  To be honest, it makes be dizzy.  Getting used to the simplicity, flow and format of FB and other apps, myspace is way too busy for me.  At the same time, I do know that there are many folks who are simply not drawn to FB and other places that I hang out.  So . . . I am just curious, is anyone on MySpace?  If so who are you: people, groups, etc.?  And more importantly, should I get my act together and get moving on something over there that would be helpful in connecting with folks?  And is anyone out there willing to run point on something like this for me?  Just curious.

Presbyterian Bloggers – Many folks have been asking whether or not there is a place where all Presbyterian Bloggers are gathering.   And while there are may be many places, Presbymergent being one that I have been involved with in the past and RevGalBlogPals, an ecumenical gathering, it seems the most complete PC(USA) blogroll belongs to the folks over at Presbyterian Bloggers.  There is a nice collection of bloggers representing the complexity and breadth of the church.  I have been part of a conversation over there and there seems to be some renewed energy to redesign the site and infuse it with more regular and diverse content.  And while I think I have only met a few of the organizers in person, I can tell you from hanging out in blogland for a while, that this is truly a theologically diverse group.  There is a regular schedule being set up such as Read and Learn Thursday’s, Joyful News Wednesday’s and for my part, I will post a monthly, Ask the Moderator post.  There is much, much more so be sure to go on over and take part.

It has come to this, SoCal begging 😉 – Later this month, I will be in Southern California at the Presbyterian Global Fellowship event in Long Beach and have decided to extend my stay through the weekend, so if there are any folks who would welcome a visit from the Moderator, I am free to to preach that Sunday AM, August 17.  I already have family commitments Saturday PM and Sunday afternoon/evening, but that Sunday AM, if you’ll have me, I can be there.  Now I know this kind of wide open call is DANGEROUS so the only parameter is that your location needs to be somewhere within about 30 minutes drive of Disneyland.  If you are interested, please contact my local assistant, Abby

That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!

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