Okay, so things are settling down and we have a tentative travel schedule through the end of the year and a few into 2009 and 2010.  We are still working out the kinks about getting that info out, so please be patient.   So after you have gone through the process of submitting an invitation, you should be able to keep up not only through this blog, but also through these little tidbits of road joy.

  • Google Calendar – Moderator Travel [CLICK HERE]
  • Google Calendar – Vice Moderator Travel [CLICK HERE]
  • PC(USA) Website – Moderator/Vice-Moderator Travel [CLICK HERE]
  • Facebook Group Event Invitations [CLICK HERE]
  • Dopplr Traveler Social Network – BRC Only [CLICK HERE]

And again, in trying to maintain some level of a manageable travel schedule, I apologize if Byron or I have to decline your invitation.

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