The Rules // Presbymeme II

  • in about 25 words each, answer the following five questions;
  • tag five presbyterian bloggers and send them a note to let them know they were tagged;
  • be sure to link to the orginal post, leave a comment or send a trackback to this post so others can find you;

The Questions // Presbymeme II

What is your favorite faith-based hymn, song or chorus.
My home church used to end each service by joining hands in a circle around the sanctuary and singing "Seek Ye First."  While it might be a tad bit uncomfy for visitors, it feeds my spirit.

What was the context, content and/or topic of the last sermon
that truly touched, convicted, inspired, challenged, comforted and/or
otherwise moved you?

I was recently given the privilege taking a "class" from Sean McMillan.  A brilliant philosopher, he inspired us to care for our mind and soul by challenging us to have an "abiding fidelity to the life of the mind."

If you could have all Presbyterians read just one of your previous posts, what would it be and why? Posted last November, pre-moderator stuff, this is about one of the major reasons why I think the PC(USA) finds it difficult to change, HERE.

What are three PC(USA) flavored blogs you read on a regular basis?

  • Toby Brown
  • Jan Edmiston
  • Mark Roberts
  • Disclaimer: I READ a LOT of blogs, so these are just three that give me some good listening moments for what is happening in the church.

If the PC(USA) were a movie, what would it be and why?
Pieces of April //
Because at our core we a just a family full of all the quirks and gifts that God has given.  In the midst of that relationship we make mistakes, we hurt each other and we struggle with the humanity of one another.  And at the same time, we are covered with Grace that allows us to keep trying to be the beloved community that God intends for us to be despite our actions to the contrary.  Please no Katie Holmes comments 😉

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