With summer’s end quickly approaching, the travel will begin to pick up for Byron and I as we begin to get out and visit the church, listen for what is going on and share back what we are saying to one another.  I think is a very exciting time for both of us as we bear the privilege of serving the Christ in this way.  HEre as just a few recaps of where I have been and am heading.  And while I would LOVE to be able to promise that I will recap each and every event, it won’t happen.  Sorry.

Last week at SFTS, I had the privilege of leading a workshop, "Presbyterian Polity from the Inside" at the National Network of Presbyterian College Women’s Leadership Retreat.  We had a great time!  For the rest of August my time looks liek this:

  • August 10-15 – Pretty much every year since I was ordained I have attended the Racial Ethnic Advanced Pastoral Skills Seminar (REAPS), Asilomar, CA.  Great fellowship, study and rest.
  • August 15-16 – I will leave REAPS on Friday and drive down to Long Beach to hang out with the good folks at the Presbyterian Global Fellowship’s 2008 Inside-Out Conference.
  • August 17 – I’ll be preaching at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA.
  • August 20-22 – I will be heading to the Washington, DC area to convene the first meeting of the Form of Government Task Force.
  • August 22-24 – After the Form of Government meeting is over I’ll be hanging out with folks from National Capitol Presbytery for a town hall, some church visits and finally preaching at Lewinsville Presbyterian Church in McLean, VA. More info from National Capitol Presbytery.

Again, you can always keep up with our travels through some of these links.  See you all soon!

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