Per my post yesterday on Listening, if you want to listen in on and/or join in on some great discussions, please take some time to visit the Facebook Group.  If you are not part of FB, I’ll will continue to share some of the conversations on this blog as well as in other church communications.

Here are the current discussion groups with nearly 200 posts.

  • What now?  How will we become the PC(USA) we hope to be?

  • Where are all the college students and young adults?

  • Where are all the young women??

  • The "Why’s" and "How’s" of being part of the PC(USA)

  • Tell about the print publications you are reading

  • Who you are and what are your hopes?

  • Thoughts on the General Assembly office in Louisville

And if you read and respond to any of them, please take some time to read, respond to or add your prayers to the discussion, Prayers of the people . . .

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