And the saga of Bruce and his motorcycles continues with the departure of the latest in a long line of two-wheeled "loves".  Never quite connected with this one.  The girls didn’t either as they never even named her.  Hmmmm.

Here is the post that sold her.

Yet another wannabe bike mechanic bites the dust . . .

Chain of events:

  1. Got rid of my newer retro Triumph Bonneville T-100.  Bad move.
  2. Wanted to learn to work on bikes;
  3. Bought this one bike for a steal;
  4. Put $500 into it at Motojava to get it tuned and checked out;
  5. Rode it for a month or so;
  6. Sat for a month;
  7. Just took it out and it found a small gas leak;
  8. I give up.
  9. Selling for $500 firm and will give up my dream of being a bike grease monkey.

A little more about the bike. Looks good, though the tank has rust on
the top. Inside looks fine. The trip meter does not turn, but the
odometer is fine. She runs strong but left too long without a tender
and the battery dies. Battery is dead right now, but I will practically
guarantee she will start up when charged. Carbs will probably need to
be rebuilt at some point, but for a REAL mechanic, this could be a

Call Bruce [] to set up a time to see it, remember,
battery is dead so you’ll have to bring a truck. I to have a ramp if
you want to use it to get it loaded. I’ll also toss in a center stand
that I never added.

Here were my hopes and some pics:

Here is the Motorcycle Buyers Guide Link

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