Greetings all,

First, in case you were wondering about this whole blogging rythm, I know it will come to no surprise to you to know that I blog in fits and spurts.  And while I have the
best of intentions to blog more regularly, I have not been as able to
do so, as I would like.  All the normal things that have higher priority, family, local
church, etc. have simply taken over a bit as the Fall kicks off.  I
will of course continue to read as many of your blogs as possible as we
continue to get used to each other.  No excuses, but a reality check
for us all as I, my family, my church and the larger church structures
get used to this new reality anf life together.

Right now I am writing to you from my hotel room in Louisville where I have been since earlier this week.  While I will certainly get a chance to see the city more fully at some
point, this quick trip has been packed with some meaningful times.

I was able to spend some time with the New Immigrant Ministries Convocation where I was able to hear of some of the joys and struggles of our immigrant bothers and sisters as they faithfully try to find their place in our denomination.  Needless to say, in many ways, we as a denomination need to move more fully from our words to our actions when it comes to expanding the realities of who we are as global Presbyterians here in the US.  I had some great conversations with folks who have come to the US and have started ministries from Sudan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Brazil, Cameroon, Liberia and others.  What a rich rich time we live in.  [PNS News Story

Second, "Team Mod" comprised of myself, Vice-Mod, Byron Wade, GA Assistant, Joyce Evans and SF Assistant, Abby King Kaiser, spent some time working out the kinks for our communication and the inner-workings of the office.  As many of you know, Valerie Small assisted the Moderator for many years and with new staff, a new moderator and vice-moderator we are smoothing out the system.   I think we are almost there.  We are extremely humbled by the number of invitations and hope to be as present as possible while honoring home, family an church commitments.  Thanks for your patience as we work through all of this.   I think the best part was finally getting Byron to start using Twitter.

Tomorrow I will preach at Peace Presbyterian Church here in Louisville and then, weather permitting, back to San Francisco I go.

And lastly . . . in the midst of all of this, we must hold our bothers and sisters in prayer who have been effected by the hurricanes that have hit our shores over the past few weeks.  While we are certainly grateful that New Orleans was not hit as hard as Katrina, we must still remember those in the Baton Rouge area who were.  We also hold in prayer those in Texas who are weathering Ike as I write this.  Prayers, prayers, prayers.

That is it for now.  May the Peace of Christ be with you all.

[Photo by Evan Silverstein.  A Ghanaian group performs songs from their homeland during a cultural
celebration at the 2008 New Immigrant Presbyterian Ministries
Convocation. From right, the Rev. Elizabeth Ansa Acquah of Atlanta; the
Rev. Andrew Aboagye of Columbus, OH; the Rev. Kennedy Kwasi Odzafi of
Silver Springs, MD;  the Rev. Kwame Amoah-Kuma of the Bronx, NY; and
the Rev. Kofi Noonoo of Chicago.]
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