Well we did it.  – Big ups to Ruach Retreat for the first post-broadcast posting. – The tester run of the online town hall that I had mentioned this past weekend was had yesterday with, what I would say, was a pretty positive outcome.  Unfortunately, while I thought I had recorded most of the episode, it apparently did NOT save.  I’ll take a look at it again before the next episode, but if anyone has some ideas, please let me know.

So to recap a bit for folks it went a little something like this:

  • By around 10:15 folks were already beginning to login and join the chat room at the Moderator Musings Show site;
  • 11:00 the broadcast and chatting began, I welcomed folks and explained the process and the format to be as follows:
    • Intro of topics and rules
    • TOPIC 1: Tech and Moderator communication
    • TOPIC 2: Brief Moderator recap
    • TOPIC 3: Q&A
    • TOPIC 4: CoHost (If time allowed to hand the video to someone else to give 90 seconds of words to the church.)
    • TOPIC 5: Prayers
    • Concluding thoughts
  • 11:20 realized that I did not hit the "Record" button
  • I talked and tried to respond to questions both riffing off of the chatter as well as trying to stay focused on the questions at hand.
  • 11:55’ish we began sharing prayers
  • 11:58 ended the show
  • 12:05 realized something was up with the recorded version, it was not playing.

What we learned/observations:

  • I think we maxed at 50 or so folks watching at one point
  • Having some kind of agenda was helpful even if we didn’t get to it all
  • Questions in Bold are helpful
  • Mixed reviews on the excess chatter
  • Co-Moderator either needs to cut the chatter and/or track questions so they do not get lost
  • Sounds was good and could generally hear and see well
  • Need more lighting on me
  • Helpful to actually log in so we can see a name
  • Might be helpful to have a one page "easy steps" page for folks
  • Many folks had it playing in the background, but didn’t chat
  • Chatting was blocked by some firewalls
  • The recorded version did in fact show up for some, but not for others AND was there one moment and then not the next.  Hmmmmm.

Your feedback:  I would love to get some feedback from you all as we plan this next one

  • How were the technological aspects for you: signing on, speed, clarity, etc.?
  • What would be the best time, days, occurrences for you?
  • What might be some good topics on which I should try and focus?
  • Anything else that was helpful/positive?
  • How could this be improved?

Please stay tuned for the next Town Hall and in the mean time feel free to head on over to the show, register as a user to and follow the show to make sure you get updates.

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