Well today has been quite the day.

First, I had the privilege of preaching at Peace Presbyterian Church in Louisville.  Rev. Wayne Steele is leading a group of folks there that should make the PC(USA) proud.  This church community felt a great deal like my own home church, small, family styled and deeply connected with the surrounding community.  We laughed at ourselves, felt the Spirit move and genuinely worshiped God.  Thank you Peace Presbyterian!

And then the fun began . . . Windstorms rocked Ohio and Kentucky caused me to be delayed in Louisville and then spend an unexpected night in downtown Cinci humming the theme to WKRP in Cincinnati to myself the whole time.  During the trek to the hotel, I was able to meet quite a few folks who were simply caught up in the results of a storm.  some of us were lamenting that, "It sure would be easier if we could blame this on someone."  All-in-all folks seems pretty resigned to the the realities of the situation.  After all, while it was a pain to have to pay for a room and go through the inconvenience of an extra day or two away from our destination, it was nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of people with out power due to the windstorm.

Hopefully I can get out tomorrow, but with so many stranded, it might be Tuesday.  And yes, my wife is awesome.

Here are a couple of pics, the first one is the line/crowd at the Delta ticket counter and the second is the line to get a taxi to the hotel.

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