[image: hmaxwell]TravelSo far this whole traveling thing has gone pretty well – and yes, I still owe the metro-DC areas a recap – but the next few weeks will have Byron and myself out on the road quite a bit at various events and activities related to church, life, GA, etc.  I know that in the midst of all of this Byron and I would both covet your prayers for our families and we move more fully into the Fall travel schedule.  If you did not see the previous post on how to keep up with our travels, please [CLICK HERE].

So . . . if you are in any of the following areas the next couple of weeks, hopefully we can chat.  And as always, Byron and I will be twittering our travels [BryonBruce]. 

Here is my travel schedule the next few weeks:

25-27: Officiating a wedding, Lake Tahoe NV
28: At MBCC for final service in current location, SF
29 – October 3: General Assembly Council, Snow Bird, UT

5: Community Festival and First World Communion Service at MBCC in new space, SF
6-9: Urban Pastors Covenant Group, Chicago
10-11: Chicago Presbytery Events and Retreat with Wicker Park Grace NCD.
12: Preach at Giants Steps Church, Chicago
13: McCormick Theological Seminary Gatherings, Chicago
14: Chicago Presbytery Meeting
15: The Coalition Gathering XI, Newport Beach, CA
16-20: At home and reintroduction to the family 😉
21-25: Office of General Assembly meetings, with events also at Broadstreet Ministries and Princeton Theological Seminary, Philadelphia Area
26: Preach at my home church, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Stockton, CA.

Wow . . . I am a little winded just thinking about it all, but such is life.  The Fall is certainly pretty busy and I my deepest apologies to those folks for whom we had to decline your invitation/s, but as you can tell we have packed in as much as we can while still trying to maintain SOME sense of connection to family, local church, etc. and we don’t do a great job with that 😉

Mucho web cam time with my family is in front of me, but again, this is the time of the year and I look forward to hanging out with a great many of you over the next month.

And just a heads up, November I’ll be hanging around the New Jersey/New York area. 

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