Okay, so today must be a day for congrats and helping to spread the word about folks who are getting some visibility and recognition for doing their thang.  You know me, distracted by shiny things so please don’t assume or read anything into my props to folks. 

So, some of you know Stushie.  So how cool is this?  His political/religious cartoons are being featured this week on CNN.  Pretty darn cool if you do ask me.  No Stushie and I disagree on many thing political and religious, but I have found him to be a pretty stand up guy, so whether or not you will agree with him and his assessment, I could him as a invaluable part of the discourse.  He blogs over on the Presbyterian Bloggers site and the cartoons can be found at Pushing the Envelope.

For more info including broadcast times, [CLICK HERE].

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