Last week as part of my 1st Friday: Ask the Moderator contribution over at Presbyterian Bloggers, I responded to a question about the future of the denomination.  Needless to say the response was nothing like I expected, but is very insightful and, regardless of whether or not you agree, helps to further show some of the diversity in the church.

Here is an excerpt that seems to have generated some response:

So this is where the future vitality, health and unity of the church lies. First, we must embrace and make room for those who are pushing us to see the world and church differently. And, second, those who feel a kinship to new ways of being church, we must step up and out into the fray in order to also teach and be taught. If we can find ways to do this, I have no doubt that we can become a denomination that is again as vibrant and meaningful as we have been in the past.

Would love to drive some traffic over there and see what other things about what folks have said and my responses, so I would encourage you to engage all on the original post.  Here is a portion of my response to some of the comments as a teaser . . .

That said, I found it interesting that the conversation immediately assumed that I was talking about a theological newness that needs to be heard, when in fact I was trying to reference a worldview shift that I think transcends theological perspective.

I would point you to the following folks who I think speak to this new way of being that I am sensing is gaining some footing for a future denominational reality.

If you want more about why I think this is an institutional and worldview shift rather than a theological/political one, I posted something about it on my general blog a few weeks ago.

Now I of course could be totally off base here and in no way am I trying to say that theology is not important, but rather how our theology informs how we engage with one another should/could help us move forward.

Again, feel free to leave comments here, but if you have some thoughts that you think would be helpful to the full post and subsequent conversations, please go on over the original post and join in: Ask the Moderator: Denominational Future.

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