I just realized that, unlike the last debate, I will be able to Twitter tomorrow night’s event along with so many of my friends from around the country as we add our own witty political punditry to the mix.  If you have not tried Twitter before this is a great time to jump in* and even if you don’t participate, half the fun is watching the twittering as the debate is going on.

So . . . if you plan on being a part of the party, please feel free to follow me [here] and/or leave your twitter info in the comment section along with your name if you want people to be able to know who you are.  Also, you should toggle back and forth between your Twitter Feed and as that feed is cutting and hilarious.

If you are BRAND NEW to Twitter, here are three good links:

Shawn: Twitter 101 or Why do I care what you are doing?
Fritz: those updates to the right, aka twitters
Adam: Signing up for and using Twitter

For all the info about thge debate be sure to go the Commission on Presidential Debates and I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow night!

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