Here are a few things that I thought you might be interested in that are happening around cyberland these days.

YOUNG ADULT VOLUNTEER ALUMNI NETWORK –  is leading the formation of a Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Network. Be sure to check out the YAV Facebook Group and/or contact Essie Buxton.  Also check out Linda Valentine’s YAV post.

BLOG POSTS OF INTEREST – Here a few PC(USA) posts that I have stumpbled upon as of late.  Head over to The GA Junkie he posted Are we too big to be connectional? and think through some institutional issues.  Revjavadude posted Stop Calling Me Apostate and his feeling and understandings about such a label.
Mark Robert continues his series on The PC(USA) and Church Property providing, again some thoughtful refelctions on some complex issues.  And for you self-affirming knowledge junkies, here check out, Mental Floss Blogs, not Presbyterian, but we love them anyway 😉

CAMPUS MINISTRY SURVEY –  Dan Boles, Campus Minister at CELTIC CROSS PCM @ Kennesaw State U. has asked those involved in PC(USA) campus ministry programs to fill out this BRIEF SURVEY.  The information will be shared with the "PCUSA Collegiate Ministries
Collective" – a small group of people throughout the U.S. that has been
called upon by Sylvia Wilson to discuss and assist in discerning the
needs of Collegiate Ministry throughout the PC(USA).

iPhone Conspiracy – Yes, I know not everyone has an iPhone or is a mac person, but since I am, this is part of my reality.  Someone jokingly I posted a status update on my Facebook Profile, "Bruce is wondering who is going to develop a pc(usa) iphone app?  Come on people I know ya got it in ya!" and there were immediately a bunch of folks commenting.  So, what do you think, someone out there surely could do something.  But what would it do?  I just started a discussion about just that thing in the Moderator’s Groups called, PC(USA) iPhone App, really? so lets see where it goes.

FLICKR – for those on Flickr, I just did a search for PC(USA) and perused some of the pics.  Very cool, if you get a chance, see some of the PC(USA) tagged photos from Presbyterians around the world. 

ASK THE MOD – Just posted the next installment of Presbyterian Bloggers where I respond to a question about worship from Lela.

I’m the new pastor of a small (60+ in
worship) church in western NY, and caught between folks who really want
"praise" music and those who say they will leave if we don’t have more
traditional music. Our amazing music director draws 5 teens to choir
(20%), and is not a fan of praise music. I hate "me and my Jesus" music
myself, but like a lot of New Song stuff. So, Mr. Modern Moderator, any
suggestions? Thanks!

[My Response to Lela]

WIKI AWAY – If you have not explored Wikipedia in search of all things Presbyterian, you probably have a much more exciting life than I, but if you have a few moments you should feel free to be part of the Open Source community and add your voice.  You can always wander around on your own, but here are a few articles of interest: Presbyterian Church (USA), Freda Gardner, Presbyterian PolityClifton Kirkpatrick, Ordination of WomenRick Ufford-Chase, John Calvin, PC(USA) Moderators;

PDA – And for your viewing pleasure from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Have a great weekend!

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