Some of you know that one of my gifts is NOT turning in expenses.   My church bookkeeper and others remind me whenever they get the chance that this is not helpful to knowing the full extent of the costs of the church.  Not only that . . . like so many, the pastor and, by default, the family fronts the church’s expenses.  A while back I purchased NeatReciepts for the MAC and before I could get that together, the scanner broke.  Nice.  Then Leslie sent me this link to Shoeboxed.  You basically mail in your receipts, they scan and catagories them for you and voila, expense reports in, riembursements happen.

This morning I signed up and just mailed off 200+ receipts.  With the "lite" package, after the initial "catch-up" submission of up to 300, you can mail in 50 receipts a month.  And while I suspect that there will be some time to get things adjusted into the correct categories, for $99 a year, this is so worth it.  I will let you know how it goes. 

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