Ever since this moderator thing started, I have been trying to separate my general blog life from that of the moderatorial hoopla.  Rather hard to so and I am afraid my general blog has suffered for is.  I have felt like I need to self-censor a little more in my new role.  It’s cool, part of my hope to be true to the office.  Not to fear, come July, 2010 this blog will come roaring back with all the cutting edge action that you have come to expect 😉  Only 20 months to go.

But sometimes, there is a need to cross-over between my moderator life and my general life – and not in the Ghost Whisperer or Micheal Jordan kind of way 😉  When appropriate and as called, three of the leaders of the General Assembly – Linda Valentine, Executive Director, General Assembly Council
Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk, Office of the General Assembly and your truly , Moderator of the 218th General Assembly

– will write a pastoral letter to the church.  We have done this for such things as the various weather related disasters and the Knoxville shootings.  This week we released a church-wide letter addressing the Economic Credit Crisis.  Here is a snippet . . .

We write out of concern for those in your congregations who are
suffering loss of their homes, their jobs, their ability to meet other
financial obligations or conduct their normal business activities.
Indeed, we recognize that even for those who may not be in immediate
jeopardy, the current "credit crisis" has spread fear throughout the
nation regarding the stability of our whole economic system.

Even as our legislators and financial advisors struggle to find
solutions that address the disastrously complex problems exposed by
this crisis, blame for the "melt-down" is being cast in all directions:
from government failures to provide adequate regulatory safeguards, to
investors intent on exploiting bizarre mortgage schemes, to ordinary
citizens whose penchant for incurring disastrous levels of debt, there
is blame enough to go around. Our Washington Office has witnessed to
legislators on principles expressed by the General Assembly over time
that relate to government’s service to the common good.


Please take some time to read the letter in it’s entirely, pass it along and contiue to pray for all of us who are and will be touched by the economic events of our time.

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