[What was that building again?]

Okay, so I have a distinctive style of vacationing.  Unlike SOME PEOPLE who like to cram as much stuff into a vacation itinerary as possible, I fully dive into doing nothing and simply absorb the local feel.  And if that lands me in a local cafe with a good book, so be it.  Yes, I can ALWAYS sit in a cafe at home, but then I wouldn’t be in _________ doing it, now would I?!?!?  In any case, one of the downfalls of my particular vacationing method, is that I get back from the time and have no idea of the actually places I have been or sites I have seen.  I once returned from a trip to Europe only to give my presentation to a church’s senior group by playing the, "What’s this famous site?" game as I flipped through my slides.  I would put up some picture of a clock, they would scream, out "Big Ben!" and I would say, "You are right!"

This time I shall not be so blatant in my attempt to help name the places I visited.  So, I will fess, up.  I was able to take a day for sightseeing on a recent trip to Chicago and took some great pics.  Only problem, is that I don’t remember most of them.  So, feel free to look at the pics on FLICKR and if you recognize anything, feel free to leave a comment.

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