I continue to marvel at the activity, passion and excitement about a great many things in our denomination.  Sure there are places of tension that we must still navigate as individuals and communities, but I choose not NOT let anxiety define my term as moderator in a way that does not move us towards some kind of health.  With that said, here are just a few things that I think are worthy of some interest.

ON RACE – Gradye Parson’s letter on the effigies that were seen during the Presidential campaign is worth a read [here].

BLOGGING PRESBYTERIES – San Francisco Presbytery just launched their new blog based website [www.presbyteryofsf.org] designed by that guy at PomoMusings.  Remember to look at the side bar for more blogging presbyteries and if yours is not listed, let me know.

SRI LANKAN CIVIL WAR – One of the great privileges of being moderator is that my world is expanded simply by the experiences that folks share with me.  One that has struck me is what is going on in Sri Lanka and their civil war.  I had known pretty much nothing about the situation that that country is enduring.  From a statement from the World Council of Churches,

While the worldwide ecumenical community seeks to stand in solidarity
with the churches in Sri Lanka and their people, we are reminded of St.
Paul’s message that “we are one body, and when one part of the body
suffers all suffer with it (1 Cor. 12: 26). Our Lord Jesus Christ calls
us to be peacemakers and it is this calling that compels us to continue
our commitment to peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. [Full Statement]

POST ELECTION – I am sure that there are many posts out there about the election of Barack Obama, but here is one over at Presbyterian Bloggers, Barack Obama is Not the Messiah.

GO WITH BYRON TO NICARAGUA – Byron is planning on going to Nicaragua this January with the Presbyterian Hunger Program, but has put out a plea for folks to join him in his post, Let’s go to Nicaragua.

GA JUNKIE – There are few folks as painfully balanced and excruciatingly thorough as The GA Junkie Blog, so if you have not added him to your reader yet for all things Presbyterian and I mean ALL THINGS, it really is your loss 😉

SEMINARIES – In my on-going travels to visit seminaries, as part of my NJ/NY swing next week, I’ll be hanging out at Auburn Seminary for a couple of events.  I am also curious what needs to be said and heard by seminaries and seminarians.  I started another discussion group, Dear Seminaries and Seminarians . . . over on the Facebook Moderator Group if you want to chime in.

BREAKFAST ANYONE – While there will be a myriad of events in NJ and NY next week, only one has some easily linked to info, so would love it if you wanted to join me and others for breakfast on Wednesday, the 11th of November, 8:00am at Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church. [FACEBOOK EVENT]

FINALLY – At the next meeting of the Presbytery of San Francisco, the church I serve, Mission Bay Community Church, a new church development will hopefully be approved to charter as congregation of the PC(USA).  Should the way be clear, an Administrative Commission will with approved and plans will be put into place.  And while there will be little that changes for most of our folks, we will be ordaining our first round of nine elders.  Our first class’s, average age is 27, so I am pretty jazzed about the future of our church and how we will continue live out our Presbyterianness here in San Francisco.  If you want to come to SF, our service is tentatively planned for December 14 @ 5:30 with dinner to follow.

That’s it for now.  Please keep sending me those links/thoughts and I’ll try to include as appropriate.  Have a great weekend.


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