How the heck did this happen?  It seems as only yesterday that Robin and I were welcoming to the world our first child and then all of a sudden  . . . BAM . . . we have a 12-year-old.  Someone is getting old 😉

Now I won’t get all mushy and start humming the refrain to my fav cheesy parent songs* but as we tell all of our kids, "Mom and dad reserve the right to get weepy as we see our babies get all old and stuff" AND when it comes right down to it, they will ALWAYS be our babies.

Eldest, you continue to make your parents proud of the person you are and are becoming.  I have no doubt that God rejoices at the choices you make in life, both large and small, and your mom and I pray that you continue to grow into who God hopes you to become. 

Happy birthday sweetheart, have a great day!

* Butterfly Kisses, All-American Girl, Beautiful or Just the Two of Us

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