So today I woke up as excited as a little kid on Christmas morn as I got ready to beat the crowd and head down to my polling place.  Sure, I should be excited every time I get to exercise my right to vote, but REALLY, this year is special.

When I got to the polls about 10 minutes early I was disappointment to see that I would not be first. Apparently even standing in line is come kind of competition for this Eldest child.  Still after being asked to take off my billboard/t-shirt with a certain prez ticket and a few propositions proudly displayed, I began talking with some of my new found neighborhood friends.  All of us in line were trying to beat the rush and were very excited that The Sunnyside Neighborhood was representing well!  In fact, about that time, up pulled a Chronicle photographer to snap some photos of us waiting in line, me twittering and the general good nature of the experience [see SFGate image]

Out walks a poll worker, "The polls are now open."

Applause and a couple of "whoop whoops" are heard.

I go through ID checking and get my ballots.  I pull out my index card and walk into my booth.  As I turned over the first ballot, I found myself at a loss.  I felt moved by something and said a quick prayer, not only for our country and the hopes that we vote well, but I found myself a little weepy thinking about my daughters future.  Today, regardless of what you may believe politically, either way, history would be made and in some small way, when we tell our children, "You can be president" if you want, there is truth behind that statement.  Many have thought that a woman would never make it this far.  Many thought an African American would never have a chance.  Well today, that all changes. And has been changing.  Sarah, Hilary and Barack – yep, on a first name basis I am – have forever changed the way we look at the possibilities for the future of our children and that fact has not been missed by my daughters.

It is a new day.

Anyway . . . so after I voted, I ended up being the first to complete my ballots so was able to see that voting machine change from 000 to 001.  A "click" was heard behind me and said photographer caught the moment.  With a line of people inexplicably captivated by the process, on the entry of my third sheet, there was a beep and a paper shot out that said "Irregular Voting Pattern."  There was an audible gasp from the workers and the people in line.  If you think folks are not on edge about the importance of this election, guess again.  I half expected them to say, "Sir, sorry, no postmodern worldview voting patterns allowed, party line or no line.  Please come back when you have figured out if you are a Green, Libertarian, Democrat or Republican."  They soon figured it out and it was NOT because of my postmodern worldview and rejection of old school polemics, but because our funky voting rules for SF Supervisor.  Apparently I can’t vote for the same person three times in our "ranked voting" procedure.

In any case, the buzz in person, on FB and in twitter land has been pretty amazing today.  This is momentous and I am going to fully embrace the day, the passions and the excitement.

Tomorrow I’ll reflect on the results.

Today is for simply embracing a movement.

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