This week provided me some interesting images from The City and life in general that for some reason moved my spirit or made be laugh.  What a blessing it is to be able to experience and capture such things as reminders, for me, where God may indeed be present.  And yep, all these taken by your truly with my trusted iPhone.

The world would be a better place if we could just adopt Spirit week.  Imagine the walls that could be broken down if we could embrace such joy as "Wacky Hair Wednesday" as pictured below 😉

Or better yet, what about a global game of Four Square.

As part of their study on Dia De Los Muertos, our children have built remembrances to my grandfather, Estaban De Los Reyes, my grandmother, Marie Averas and Robin’s Grandmother Ethel Fash.  What a great family experience it was for them to interview us about these dear dear people in our lives.

And then there was creativity and "the loot" gathered from the Halloween Trick or Treating as modeled by the pile of candy AND this year’s characters: Medusa, Heat Wave and Spider Girl.

I heart used book stores.

Caught unawares at the beginning of the post vote, Prop 8 Protests in downtown San Francisco.  This was preceded by a voice from the back seat, "Daddy, what are all those people doing walking toward us?"

How every morning should start: Egg begal sandwish, iced coffee, paper and a little blogging.  This is my prayer time.

Have a great week!

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