By now you may have heard about the tragedy that has come upon my family and the shooting death of my brother-in-law, Brian Pugh, last week.  While many try to rush to make some sense of such violence I have been buoyed by the great cloud of witness to allow ourselves to simply be held in God’s care no matter how overwhelming this may all be.  While the unexpected outpouring of prayers from so many who never knew Brian is a natural result of my public position of Moderator, please know that Brian’s wife, Carol, their two kids and the rest of our family and friends are deeply moved by the care that has been extended.  The sadness is deep and words cannot describe the grief, but the grace that has been extended to our family has been felt and embraced.  Thank you. 

I will not take a great deal of time on this blog to update about this journey that we find ourselves on, but if you would like more info or to keep updated, in addition to the Presbyterian News Story, you can also visit our Remembrance Blog.  The news reports are best found at the San Jose Mercury News Site.

This time has reminded me of the gift of our very life, it has brought more depth to my solidarity with folks who live in a constant state of violence in our world and it has again reminded me of the wonder that is God community.   Again, on behalf of our family, thank you for your continued prayers.

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