Switching gears from the past couple weeks of tough stuff for the Reyes-Chow/Pugh family, one the things that has really been a grace-filled part of this journey is the amount of care and support that has been communicated through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  I know that I and many in my family have felt truly supported through these technological mediums.  Thank you my many friends” both virtual and corporeal.

This week another such why of faith sharing as popped up thanks to the continued creativity of Adam over at Pomomusings via a challenge from Mr Coons as he has started yet another movement of sharing,  Twitter of Faith.  Basically, the challenge is to writing a what you beleive in 140 characters or less.  Coming out of his expereince in writing his statemant of faith for his ordiantion process in the Presbyterian Church (USA), this is picking up some traction with some great statements from folks.

So . . . if you have not joined Twitter to this point this may be a good time to do so, follow some interesting folks and generally get connected in new ways.* 

Here are the rules for Twitter of Faith:
What do you believe? You have 140 characters – give us your statement of faith in 140 characters.  Be sure to put “#TOF” at the end of your post to be included in the twitter searches.

For all the TOF’s submitted so far, CLICK HERE or join the TOF Facebook Group. It is pretty amazing the number of people who have already submitted their statements.  If you have not experienced something going viral, now you have.

And if you are really a glutton for punishment, here is my TOF, at least for today 😉

* Some good Twitter intro and advice

Shawn Coons: Twitter 101 or Why do I care what you are doing?
Fritz: those updates to the right, aka twitters
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