Last week I attended the first day of the evangelism consultation, Growing the Church Deep and Wide where folks gathered to talk about evangelism.  That was about as structured as it got as this was a time to gather without a planned outcome other than to see what could be generated from those who attended.  While I was unable to stay from the entire event, I was able to corral a few folks to sit in front of my computer for an interview*. 

While future interviews will include Stan Ott, Rick Ufford-Chase and Susan Andrews, first up: seminary student, Jenny Warner.  Jenny is a student at San Francisco Theological Seminary and blogs over at more wonderful than gloss.  I have known Jenny for a few years and she has always struck me as one who’s diverse theological background and experience will greatly benefit the ministry of the PC(USA) in the future.

Thanks Jenny for sitting down with me. 



* You can see all of my statements, interviews and greetings on YouTube.

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