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So I seem to remember a ways back on this blog, the snobbish mockery that emanated from a post about this whole book-writing thing.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  You know it is coming, yep, I am in talks about a book.  Good Lord what are people thinking?  Clearly they are not . . .

Yes, I’ll have some salt with that hat I shall now eat.

But I swear, I am going to do this differently.  Yeah right.  No really I am.

Okay how about this for a start . . .

  1. I am going to inquire about getting something published online for free download in addition to a printed version.
  2. I will not have the words "emergent" "authentic" "organic" "missional" or "conversation" in the title, but do reserve the right to use any words that have seems just as cool.
  3. And this is the best one.  I want you to help me think about the book proposal.  Yep, you heard me correctly, my choices are wide wide open at this point: audience, topic, font, margin size, color scheme, etc. and really only want to engage in this project if might actually be useful.

So here are some ideas that I am think about.

The Third Church: moving beyond old school politics and embracing the ambiguity of life.
This book will look at my thoughts about the future of the church and specifically on the movement of the church away from modern polemics of liberal/conservative and into a new way of being church, denominations and institutions.

Pastor, Dad, Hack and Follower of Christ: memoirs of a 40-year-old church nerd
This book will look at my life as a person of faith, growth into an ordained pastor and general thoughts on the future of the mainline church.

Sidelines No More: the search for the new denominational life.
While common wisdom says that we are in a post-denominational age, I think there is a rebirth of connectional yearnings and communal relationships.  Regardless of what these are called, if open to transformation, denominations may offer something to the future of being church in the world.

The Millennial Church: Musing on pastoring the largest generation in U.S. history.
This would look at ways of pastoring in this new culture.  Might use the backdrop of Mission Bay Community Church and/or other communities of faith that are effectively and creatively reaching this group.

Not really a “preacher”: a new look at proclamation in a flat flat world.
This would look at shifting perspectives and practices on congregational preaching.

Leadership: built on tradition, unleashed for the future
This would look at new thoughts on pastoral leadership and how we can be more adaptive to today’s culture and worldview shifts.

Okay . . . so please leave your thoughts on this post as well as leave your vote/s on the poll below and be part of the journey.  Let me also know about other topics, audiences, etc. that you might think be useful.  And should all of this actually come to fruition, know that I will fully commit to being as 2.0 and open source as I can through it all.  Thanks in advance!

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