It seems every year, somewhere, somehow I get drawn into “The Santa” conversation both as a topic of parenting as well as role as a pastor.  Not that I do not want to keep having the conversation . . . well, actually I don’t but, let me, again, toss my hat into the debate with my post from two years ago that I still stand behind, Santa, Elmo and Jesus, as well as Update Podcast that went along with it in 2007.  Feel free to comment, here there or anywhere as I am simply getting in the pre-emtptive strike 😉

And I will also leave you with the two clips I used in church this past Sunday from my favorite Christmas movie E-V-E-R, Elf.  If that movie does not somewhere touch your spirit or tickle your funny, you just might be dead inside 😉


“You sit on a throne of lies!”

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