iFrogz"Meh" pretty much sums up MacWorld this year.

Where to start.  I wish I could say it was exciting and all that, but it simply was not.  Whether it was the lack of any new announcement or THE announcement about Apple pulling out of MacWorld after 2009, the feel was simply not what is has been in the past.

I am not sure I would call it boring, but unless you were looking for some new case for something, seemed like there was very little to experience.  I am sure that is not the case, but with the huge number of case booths the tech energy seemed lacking.

But . . . lucky me I was looking for two cases.

I found a new iPhone cover from iFrogz (pictured above) that I absolute love.  It's sleek look, satin finish and burnt orange color finally sold me among the flood of possibilities.  It still has some grip and I can take it in and out of my pocket with much more ease than my previous silicon wrap. 

The other item I was in search of what a hard case for my Macbook Air.  I was pretty disappointed with the selection overall.  I suppose folks think if you have the Air, you wouldn't want to add anything to it, fair enough.  Still, compared to the iPhone and iPod case selection, not good at all.  I was teased by Speck when I saw that they had a see-through satin finished case, but of couse, not for the Air.  I finally settled on the basic clear case, which after a few days, I really like.  It gives me a little more confidence in handling the Air without fear of dropping or scracthing my dainty techno toy.

While I will still attend MAcWorld because it is in my backyard, I suppose there are folsk for whome the annual trek to mecca is coming to a painful end.  Should be interesting.

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