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A couple of people have asked me recently, "How is all of "this" going?" meaning this place of intersection between life, church, family, moderator stuff, and everything else in my life.  Hmmmm.  I guess that if you ask me today to describe the past few weeks, my monster-sushi-roll of an answer these days would be some mishmash of the following:

Still cold.

And isn't that life.  While we would want things to go smoothly all the time, they don't.  When we do get a sense of being "caught up" we want to stay there.  In the end, the world keeps moving at its own pace and rhythm despite our best intentions to make it conform to our own.  I hate that.  Does the world not know that I am the center of the universe and all should rotate around me?!?!?  When I am in the 6th gear going 125mph, come on world "Keep up!" and when I am slowing down, slow down with me.  I'm a good guy, life should be easy, right?  Golly, no respect for the office ;-)  This is all stuff we know is our worst human arrogance – okay maybe me more than others – but man sometimes I forget.   At times like these I go back to the quote that I add to most of my mails and really does define what I try to be.

“Peace it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,
trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and
still be calm in your heart.”

The past few weeks that held for me the apex of attending the inauguration of President Obama and is settling into battling a case of bronchitis.  The constant barrage of pulling and prodding from all directions has reminded me both of the overwhelming nature of what I have taken on until 2010 as Moderator, as well as a stark reminder of how much we do that, in the end, doesn't mean all that much.   This does not mean that peoples passions and calls are not important, but as I sit glazed over looking at my own inbox and to do list, I am reminding myself that sometimes just being able to find a centered peace in the midst of so much chaos is what we are called to be in today's world.  Yes, tasks must still be accomplished, conflicts worked through, relationships nurtured, etc.  But my own reminder these days as I want to freak out just a little, is that there will always be chaos for each of us somewhere, how will be model Christ in the midst of it.

So, how am I?

Blessed with the gift of breath, and living as though it matters.

Thanks for asking.

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