Okay, you can trust me and simply VOTE HERE for Calvary Women's Services to help them win $5,000 from The Washington Area Women's Foundation or do what Jesus would do and read on for more information about a great organization in the Washington DC area.  The ballot is way at the bottom of the page and you will have to leave your eMail . . . but totally worth it!

The story goes a little something like this . . . One of my good friends, Kris Thompson is the executive director of a great program in Washington DC, Calvary Women's' Services.  At one point in our lives Kris and I were young upstarts navigating youth and young adult ministries in the Presbyterian Church, and now all of a sudden 15-years into ministry, family and career.   My how times flies. 

In any case, her crew needs your help and I am taking full advantage of any blogging cred I might have to help this great organization raise another 5,000 bakaroonies.   Needless to say all the organization are wonderful, but if you have to vote for just one . . .

From Kris . . .

is 1 of 10 local organizations that just received a $10,000
Leadership Award from the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. We need
your help to win an additional $5,000.
From March 17 to March 27,
the public will vote to decide which of the 10 organizations will
receive a $5,000 grant. At Calvary, $5,000 makes a big difference. It

• Purchase 6 months worth of food for the dinner and breakfast programs
• Support 2 months of Life Skills education programs
• Provide 22 women with a year’s worth of mental health services
• Run all three of Calvary’s housing programs for 2 full days!

Please vote now. And tell your family, friends and co-workers to vote, too.

With one click you can change women’s lives!

these challenging times, Calvary’s services are needed more than ever.
With so many people out of work, losing their homes and seeking
services, Calvary’s 25 years’ experience of successfully helping women
recover their independence is greatly needed.

Learn more about the work you are supporting at Calvary Womens' Services.

Kris Thompson
Executive Director
Calvary Women’s Services

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