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This morning I sent out a check-in note to the members of the Moderator’s Facebook group asking for people to let me know how folks are doing and what’s going on in their congregations and communities that will help inform what I say back to the church.  I also asked us to keep praying with and for one another – without condition – in the hopes that we might taste the moments of Christ-centered community that prayer can bring.

Within minutes I receive multiple responses all of which had something to do with the economics of the day and the impact it is having on church, communities and individuals.  Back in October Grady, Linda and I sent our a Church-wide Letter on the Economic Crisis and then later I posted What are your churches doing to respond to the economic downturn?  I would encourage you to check out the letter for some useful denominational links and continue to leave links, stories and ideas on the response post. Today though, just as the congregation I serve lifts up issues of economics every week, I have again been reminded of the pain and struggle that is taking place in our churches, the United States and around the world.  So let us gather in prayer today.

Pray with me . . .

God of the very breath we breathelet your peace be known amidst the economic chaos of the day

be with those bound by worry and anxiety
be with those facing loss of food and shelter
be with those who are desperate and panic-filled

be with those who turn away from the stranger
be with those who cling to apathy and comfort
be with those leaning more on self than on You

be with us all as we strive to live lives worthy of Your grace
be with all your children, Lord
be with all your children

And let your peace be known, Lord
let your peace be known..


Lord here our prayers.

Please feel free to leave prayers here.

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