A Introduction to Bloggers Unite

I realize that not everyone blogs out there, but for those that produce content or lurk and/or comment you know the power of blogging not only for those who read them, but for those who write.  There is something amazing about the the discipline of reflecting and writing on a subject that, when done well, can inspire and transform.

So here is my challenge for the Presbyterian Bloggers out there.  On the first day of each month, lets blog on a topic that may not get all that much attention or may generate some unexpected places of connection and community.  We will be using the platform, Bloggers Unite, a great place to discover blog topics and participate in events around the world.  Not only do we get a great technology, but the PC(USA) gets some facetime in a new venue.

If you have any questions, thoughts, thoughts for future topics, please leave a comment and please to pass this along.   Thanks and look forward to reading this posts.

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Bruce Reyes-Chow Line
This month [04.01.09] it is Campus Ministry 

This month, I have chosen the area of campus ministry. Despite ongoing struggles around finances and structures there seems to be a kind of renewal that is taking place. One just need look at things such as the YAM Jam, May in Austin, or the newly launched and it becomes clear that there is great energy and passion for mission and the church. But we know there is much more going on around the country. So, lets hear the stories from students, campus pastors, congregations about how you have been touched by campus ministry in the past and what you dream about for the future.

How to participate . . .

  • Register at Bloggers Unite and join the event [HERE];
  • Publish your post on April 1, 2009;
  • Submit your post to the Event;
  • Visit and comment on others who have also posted;

Questions for thought . . .

  • how have you been personally impacted by CAMPUS MINISTRY?
  • what future commitment are you willing to make to support CAMPUS MINISTRY?
  • what are the greatest hopes and challenges that you think face CAMPUS MINISTRY in the future?

More info

  • PC(USA) Collegaite Ministiers Page [HERE]; 
  • Rick Upchurch, PC(USA) Associate for Collegiate Ministries [eMail];
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