So until I can generate a little more traffic at my new blog over with the SFGate City Brights Crew, I am just going to offer snippets over here and hope you'll participate in the SF fun.  You'll notice I am a little more racy over there . . . well as racy as I am willing to be with millions of strangers who read SFGate 😉

When I was getting all my pastor schoolin' at San Francisco Theological Seminarywhich seems like a lifetime ago, btw
– I also worked as a bartender at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant at the
Embarcadero. Yep, I sold booze to work-hard-then-party-hard hipsters
right in the middle of the 90's financial boom.

Oh the things that happened while I was slinging 'ritas for those few years: the gay servers got a kick – though I think it was jealousy
– every time some guy left me his card, "What a waste" they would
lament; on more than one occasion my night's tips where spent being
extra generous as we moved over to the neighbor pub after our shifts;
and oh, the theological conversations that were had, just awesome.


Thanks and peace!

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