I am finally going to make it to the big Web 2.0 Expo that is held annually in San Francisco, this year, March 31 – April 3.  Yeah yeah, I know, it's in my backyard, so what the deal Mr. Church-tech-geek?  For one thing it ain't cheap to attend the entire conference and, well . . .  I keep forgetting to go.  After all, if you don't have to make plans for things like travel and hotel, 'tis very easy to overlook such a gathering until someone says, "Bruce, are you at Web 2.0 Expo?" and I say to myself, "Dang, missed it again!"

But this year, I shall not miss out as a friend has helped get me connected with some folks and I am going to push my way into one of the open source sessions at the Web2Open portion of the event.  This is a part where, for two days, it becomes an "unconference" where we arm-wrestle or something to be part of an onsite grid that determines where the interest lies.  If people want gather to gab, voila, there is a session.   And the best part, IT IS FREE just see the Web2Open website for registration details!

I suspect there are many folks who are part of church communities that
want to talk about the real power and possibilities of Web 2.0
technology and social media, so here is our chance.  So, if you are going to be there and/or you have ever wanted to attend this uber-geeky, but undoubtedly connected event, hope you can make it.  I will be trying for the April 1 date, but who knows . . . and remember, this portion is free.

Here is the info of what I'll be doing if you want to try and pass the word! 

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

TITLE: "What Would Jesus Twitter? The convergence between church, religion and social media"

TARGET DATE: April 1 Session

this session we will look at some of the ways social media has
simultaneously rocked the world of the traditional religious
establishments as well as unleashed an amazingly vibrant new expression
of spiritual life.  Social networking has become an integral part of
many religious traditions as they build community and attempt to be a
positive presence in the world.   Focusing mostly on Christian church
movements be ready hear and/or share stories of resistance, fear,
embracing and liberation as that are all pointing to a new
manifestation of church today. 

This session will be convened by Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow [Blog | Twitter | Facebook ] who is the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco [Website | Twitter | Facebook ].

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