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logo still in process . . .

If you dare acknowledge your connection to us, you are now part of the new "The God Complex" family with your first duty to help us choose a new tagline.

If you remember, a few weeks back Carol Howard Merritt and I announced that we would be forming this juggernaut of theological and culture repartee joining our collective wit, wisdom and goofiness to muse on all things politics, faith and culture ;-)  We will be doing this part of a weekly internet radio talk show.  We are moving forward and along with our newest additions to the team, Landon Whitsett, Program Producer, and Heather Scott, our Tech Producer and Engineer next up we are in need of a good tagline.

Thanks to Andrew Sherman – and please let us know more about yourself
– we have chosen "The God Complex" with Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol
Howard Merritt.  But . . . we want to have a tagline that is
representative of our yearning to be humble, provocative and thoughtful.

part one of this contest is to gather as many subtitles as possible:
Carol and I will choose the top five and then put them up for a vote.  So get those creative juices flowing and brainstorm a bit with us!

In case you need a reminder here is our working draft focus/introduction:

to The God Complex when each week, Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard
Merritt, two yahoos from two different coasts, get together through the
magic of the interwebs to host a talk show focused on faith, politics,
culture and life.

Gleaning from the experiences of special guests,
questions from call-in listeners and a never-ending well of current
issues and church happenings Bruce and Carol will take on issues of the
secular and the spiritual.

their collective stunning radio good looks, cutting wit and honed
theological and cultural analytic chops, Bruce and Carol will provide
listeners with an hour of meaningful entertainment that will nourish
the soul, feed the mind and induce an occasional deep and hearty exhale.

all seriousness, Carol and Bruce do think there is a time and place
where we each need to step up and be part of something greater than
ourselves.  Through our diverse church experiences and a deep common
yearning to find the bridges between tradition and innovation, Carol
and Bruce will attempt to provide a place where we can discover the
challenges and celebrations that God may have in store for us and the
world.  They hope you'll find the time to join them.

The God Complex subtitle contest deadlines:

  • Submit your ideas via comments by Midnight on April 5th
  • Carol and Bruce to Decide on Top 5 on April 6th
  • Poll to be opened April 7th
  • Voting through Easter Midnight, April 12

A few quick examples . . .

What follows: "The God Complex" with Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt . . .

  • A weekly reminder of how far away from God we are
  • A weekly chat with a couple of folks trying to figure it out too
  • ________________________________


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