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Greetings all.  I hope folks are doing well as the summer months begin.  While I have no delusions that folks are waiting with baited breath for my blog postings, my apologies for slacking a bit on this blog.  I will try and do better in the future*. 

Here are a few quick updates in the mean time . . .

HOSPITALITY – Since my jaunt through the Mid-West, I have had the privilege of spending some time with a few other Presbyteries.  In May I visited New Castle Presbytery anchored by a wonderful time with Carl Mazza and the launch of a the Mary Randall Center at Meeting Ground.  I also spent a few days with the five South Carolina presbyteries held at Presbyterian College.  Meetings were held on the PC campus as well as on the grounds of Thornwell Home for Children.  Needless to say, while there are certainly common questions that every Presbytery is asking about its future, there is a great deal of hospitality and powerful ministry taking place.  Thank you.

BIG TENT – No doubt you have already heard much of the feedback from this first ever attempt at a large Presbyterian gathering of multiple conferences.  Byron's reflection on The Big Tent is extremely complete and thoughtful.  Just as cynical as the next long time church person, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people that ended up taking part in the gathering, over 1,500, as well as the generally positive tone of conferees.  I can't imagine how stressful and difficult it was to bring together 10 different events – with different cultures, personalities and histories – with all of the logistics involved.  Kudos to so many who worked on this event.  I think the most interesting aspect of the event was that, except for business plenaries, this felt a great deal like a General Assembly.  Again, no event is perfect, but I think it is safe to say that this gathering met the expectations and I, for one, hope it happens again in 2011.  Here are some great pics by official photographer, Erin Dunigan.

SOCIAL MEDIA – At The Big Tent, I was asked to lead a workshop by The Presbyterian Communicators Network.  While we only had about an hour, I THINK it went well as I tried to walk through some of the cultural shifts that have created some of our current technologies and how these changes may impact the church. Many folks offered some great insights both from the room itself as well as those who responded to a Facebook Status Update.  For those of you there, here is THE OUTLINE for the time.

TWEETUPS – There were probably 30-40 folks who were tweeting the Big Tent.  You can track some of the highlights from the various events by following the Twitter hashtag, #bigtent.  A few of us gathered throughout the event to meet in person for the first time or simply to see who else is participating in this particular medium.  As promised, here is the list of Twitterers who attended the Tweetups.  I know there were many more  of you out there, so if you were not able to join us, feel free to add your name!

  1. lscalon
  2. andyjames
  3. itsmeellie
  4. rexespiritu
  5. pammarino
  6. andrewyb
  7. mayog
  8. bawade
  9. willymac4
  10. leehh
  11. melissalynn24
  12. tallnoe
  13. drjohnmcgarey
  14. ajamor
  15. michwithtwins
  16. lmcheifetz
  17. revjaz
  18. jonmphillips
  19. edunny
  20. jacobolton

That's it for now.  Again, I'll try to be better about blogging here, but as always feel free to follow me on Twitter or FaceBook for more regular interaction.

* Coming soon are posts on young adult volunteers, Presbyterian bloggers unite, making official statements and reflections on the half-way point.

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