THE NINES at Block out the day
turn up your speakers and
sharpen those twittering skilz because:

In less than two weeks, THE NINES free online leadership event will be simulcasted and live-twittered via the magic of the interwebs right here at*.

TIME: 9:09 CDT
LOCATION: Right here!
[Event and Registration 411]

A few weeks ago, one of my first online originated friends I can remember making, DJ Chuang, in his role with the Leadership Network invited yours truly to be one of the "chosen" web simulcast sites for The Nines.  Duly making be feel special – sly dog – I have agreed to be a simulcast site for this webcasted event that should easily reach over 5,000 registrants across a variety of theological and denominational realities.

"The Nines" is basically a day of nine-minute video presentation from a variety church leaders.  As I scanned the list, many are folks we all have are least heard of and many that are brand new to me.  I am sure some will critique the list, but this format will allow folks to listen and interact in response to what folks are saying.

And did you miss that this is FREE?!?!?

I am particularity looking forward to this event because of the live twittering that will be taking place and the nature of a "gathering" that has the potential to cross some lines of interaction that might be more difficult in other venues.

My hope is that we will all find ideas that inspire, compel and challenge us to think about our own leadership postures.  I am also pretty sure we will each hear something that we just don't agree with or want to more fully flesh.  The live twittering will give people of faith across theological and denomination bounds a place to interact that I hope will expand and refine our broader understanding of church leadership.

The event should last about 9 hours, but of course you can come in and out of the discussions.  I plan to be live twittering [@breyeschow] using #thenines for most of the time, so I am looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Technical details are still being worked out, but go ahead and register now and I'll see you here on nine-nine-oh-nine for The Nines! 

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

* In the spirit of collaboration, here are other known simulcast sites with a few more to be added by the date of the event.

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