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In a few days, my monthly “Letter to the church” will be coming out.  This month I chose to ask the question, “Why are we Presbyterian?” I raise this questions because I think that one of the things that we are struggling with as we continue to wrangle together to seek some collective understanding of our Christian faith within the context of being Presbyterian is how we go about this journey together.  In other words . . . does being Presbyterian help us to discern and re-affirm who we are as a PC(USA) flavored body of Christ or is our Presbyterian-ness simply a by-product of our Christian faith.  Sure, sort of a chicken/egg debate, but one worth engaging in.

First stop . . . Why are you Presbyterian?

My hope is to build up some collective discussions in order see if anything begins to bubble up.  Here is the invitation to be a part of the journey: either add your voice to or respond to others in various social locations:

  1. TWITTER: Add your response to the twitter feed.  Simply twitter your reason/s why you are Presbyterian and be sure to include “#whypcusa” so it will get picked up by twitter searches. [HERE]
  2. FACEBOOK: Add your response to a recent Facebook Status update. [HERE]
  3. BLOG: If you are more adventurous, please feel free to blog about why you are Presbyterian and send me the link via my twitter feed or eMail me and I’ll include it here.

I am not having any comments on this post, but will open it up on part two.  I really hope that folks will engage in some conversations on other venues as listed above.

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