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Below is a letter from The Model
Programs Team of the General Assembly Task Force on Youth Ministry.   They are seeking input about model programs that are being used in Youth Ministry throughout the Presbyterian Church. In addition to programs that are already in place, they are also interested in hearing ideas for programs that could be implemented in the

Wondering: What is a model program?

While the definition is multi-faceted, a model program is usually something novel, whether simple or complex, that works in your church and from which other churches might learn and benefit. A model program might be fluid, adaptable, and/or organic. It facilitates faith formation, development, and experience, as well as fellowship and community.
Keeping in mind that the following list is open to interpretation, we are especially interested in model programs for youth that address or fall under the following

  • Peace
  • Environment
  • Parents
  • Mentoring
  • Activism
  • Mission
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality
  • Faith
  • Faith enrichment

If you have a
Model Program in mind, please provide us with a short description of the
program, as well as contact information (website, email address, a phone
number, etc). You might also include ideas on how your program might be adapted
to fit other churches (larger, smaller, etc).

We are excited
about learning more about what the youth of the PCUSA are up to! And most of
all, we recognize the value that this information might have for congregations
across the United States. On behalf of the entire Task Force, thank you!

Leave you ideas here or email your
model programs to

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