IMG_1198IMG_1199IMG_1200IMG_1201IMG_1203This year there will be no big Thanksgiving family gathering for the Reyes-Chow/Pugh family.  With my Grandfather's death last week, we are honoring the traditions that my grandmother has asked of us, among them, that the family not attend any family celebrations as we all mourn the loss of our grandfather.  While we will miss our big gatherings, we gladly do so for my grandmother and as a nod to our grief and sadness.

Still . . . that does not mean we can't enjoy a good ol' turkey and taters meal.  With a hankering for L-Tryptophan, this evening I went ahead and prepared a turkey for the crew. This year, though, would be a little different.  This is the year that the knife would be passed to the next generation.  While the kids always help prepare the meals, new to the teen years, Eldest, would now inherit the bird carving duties.  I believe strongly in passing down tradition, acknowledging rites of passage and having the next generation begin to grow into new roles and responsibilities.  So after a little internet research and a few pointers, Eldest went at it. With Middle and Youngest fixing the gravy and mashed potatoes in the background, Eldest poked, sliced, ripped and carved that bird until the carcass was clean and the meat ready to eat. 

She did a GREAT job!  I wonder if it is in our genes ;-)  My grandfather after all, was a butcher for most of his life, and while a very small gesture, his oldest great-grandchild carved her first turkey on this day when we were reminded to pause and give thanks for his life so well lived.  This one's for you Gpa!

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