19 years ago today, this 21-year-old college student said these vows to his young bride in a funky wedding service befitting their San Francisco, churchy, hipster, hippiesque leanings.  It’s hard to believe that that chilly San Francisco morning was almost 20 years ago when folks really did wonder if we were crazy.

Who can blame them we were young 😉

But . . . Looks like we made it!

And while we have had our rough spots like any couple, my life has been made fuller and more complete because of her in my life.  This day I am grateful to God for the blessing that has been our life together.

My vows . . .

Robin, as I become your husband today,
I bring to you a lifetime full
of all of the enthusiasm and
of the devotion one person can have towards another.

I bring to you all of the strength, courage and friendship,
from the times when life’s surprises are always pleasant,
to whenever the obstacles seems overwhelming.

I promise to always bring out your carefree spirit
when you are taking life too seriously
and bring you laughter when you are down

But most of all,
as I look into the eyes of my best friend,
I vow all of the live in my heart to you
until the moment that forever ends.

Here is to the future as we continue to grow into who God hopes us to be as individuals and a couple.  Love ya!

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