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Okay, so I admit it, I have been pretty lazy here on my Moderator Blog. Vice-Moderator, Byron Wade, whom I had to convince to start blogging has turned into the real blogger as of late.  Yes, I do have some posts waiting to be posted from groups I have encountered along the way, and no, I have not been as diligent as I could have been about letting folks know about my travels. 

Would you believe that I simply want to set the bar really low to make the next mod look really good? No? Well you would be right.  I just have been trying to honor the time and energy of my non-Moderator responsibilities at home, church and other commitments.  And while there has been a great deal of interaction on Twitter and Facebook, I have neglected my time here.

Well that is all about to change . . . at least for the next few weeks, and I need your help.

Here is the deal, much like during the time of before the moderator election when I asked folks to submit questions, I am going to rely on you again.

If you would like to participate, here is what you need to do:

  • send three to five interview-styled questions to breyeschow [at] gmail [dot] com, post them on your blog or FB page and send me a link on via Twitter or Facebook;
  • tell me if you would like a response in written or video form. If you do ask for video please be sure that you know how to rip from You tube as I will post it there.
  • publish my unedited response on your blog, website or Facebook profile within five days including a link back to this post;

What I will do:

  • respond within 7 days of your submissions;
  • answer each question directly without cut-n-paste responses;
  • add your interview link to this post as well as twitter and/or share on Facebook.

A few rules:

  • Please no leading questions if you can help it: eg. "When did
    you STOP being a jerk?" "When will you stop confusing us with all
    those darn typos?"  "Why are you so misguided about [insert issue here]?" or "When are you going to stop pushing the [insert group here] agenda?
  • Okay . . . that's really the only rule 😉

Thank to the following people who have submitted questions and posted my responses:

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