First, let me get it out of the way.  What is up with the name?  As a boy who lives in a household of all women, what were they thinking?  How do folks NOT go there? My cousin comments well on the naming conroversy here.  For the record, I was banking on iSlate or even iTablet.  Heck even iGiganticiPhone would have been better . . . oh well, they must have their reasons.

Moving on.

Okay, so pretty much all of my “issues” of the past few months can be filed in the “Champagne Problems” folder.  Add that file the reason why I’m not going to get the new iPad . . . yet.  While I am getting used to the name – Again, good grief, really? – I am usually one who will wait until the second generation is out.

My main complaint about the iPad is that there is no camera.  What?!?!?  How can there be no camera in a day of social media and web interaction?  Oh yes . . . because Apple and he-who-shall-not-be-named is a master at luring us into group frenzies of technobliss without us even batting an eye.  Some of us will buy it now, we’ll show up at MacWorld to caress and ogle and then when they “magically” add something that should have been there already, we will say thank you.  Remember, they did it with the iPhone.  No . . .  they didn’t have video and cut-n-paste technology before the first generation iPhone.

Suuuuuuuuure they didn’t.

So I will hold out because I have your number Mr. Jobs.  I want my camera and then maybe, just maybe I’ll take another drink.  And by “maybe, just maybe” I mean “as soon as you put in a camera, I’ll be ordering my iGiganticiPhone.”



Image: from roncassel and brought to my attention by Landon.

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