It is hard to believe that only three months ago, this #tworship experiment began.  It has been a wonderful experience for me, pawned some good conversations and enhanced my understanding of the possibilities of social media and faith.

But I am now the point of wondering about the future of this particular manifestation of #tworship.  My initial burst of energy around it has waned and now it is time to decide if this was a holy MOMENT in time or some part of a larger MOVEMENT of a community. I am all for letting things run their course, but I also want to acknowledge whatever course we think is being run and do so with some integrity.

So help us get there, I offer these three questions for us to think about . . .

Questions 1 // What are YOUR reflections on #tworship: good, bad, ugly. – Almost regardless of the answers to the next questions, I am curious about what this has been like for you.  I would be interested in knowing what this has meant to your own personal faith as well as larger ramifications that you think have taken place for whomever.

Question 2 // Has #tworship run its course? – Never one to keep things going for the sake of keeping things going, is it time to end it in this form. In an opensourse environment community like Twitter, it’s not as if we can STOP people from using the #tworship hashtag, but I wonder if there is anyone/s out there that would like to take hold of this idea and help it transform into whatever is next? If not, I guess we have the answer to the questions.

Questions 3 // Are you someone/s who wants to take this on? – Now I am not sure how I will decide who I pass along passwords and account info to: Twitter, Facebook, Twubs etc. but at some level, I guess I have some responsibility to see that it is someone or a group of folks that I trust.

So . . . I guess that’s it.  I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing what is next.

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