UPDATE June, 2011I migrated my profile to a page, so come on over and Like My Page.

UPDATE 05.09.10 – According to techcrunch, the 5,000 friend limit may be lifted soon.  We shall see. [Full article]

UPDATE 05.06.10 – I am going to unfriend folks to get down to 4,900 folks in order to make room for new peeps.  My hope is to unfriend folks who really are not interested in hanging out with me here. 

UPDATE 04.06.10With the 5000 friend limit hit, I can not longer add friends or pages without a friend request of invitation to add the page. So if you want to RE-friend and IRL friend, family or really want to keep up with my profile per the description below, feel free.

Sound the alarm and release the hounds, I am once again getting close to the 5,000 friend limit on Facebook and something must be done!  What, no global movements to have the Facebook Gods lift the limit, no raucous mob demanding that one be allowed to have more “friends” than one person could possibly have? What’s wrong with you people, have you no compassion? 😉

All together now, “Awwww, poor Bruce . . .” ;-P

While the dilemma of hitting 5,000 friend limit ranks on the list of things we should put time into right up there with choosing which socks to wear in the morning, I am there again. And while I will be the first to admit that this is a serious champaign problem, it is one that I must address.

Believe me, I know that I have invited this monster into my life and this would not be THAT big of an issue except that some have had their accounts removed because, by trying to let folks know that the page was full, they were accused of spamming.  Plus, even after this Moderator journey is done and people de-friend me like a bad habit, I will continue to speak, meet new folks and hopefully get this darn book out so I hope to continue to engage folks in on this platform.  And as FB is often the first point of contact, I want to honor the request to connect even if for a brief time.

So somehow I have to think through how I continue to use this medium to engage with family and friends, Mission Bay Community Church and folks from a wider spectrum of contexts. With all of this in mind, this where I am headed with both Facebook locations.  If you want to keep up with my goings on and be involved with any conversations that I may be inciting here is how you can choose where you want to hang out with me on Facebook.

My FB PROFILE . . . is for those who want to keep up with me personally and all of the crazy that is my life: basically my filtered inside voice and day-to-day activities, personal and pastoral.

  • WHO: Family members, IRL friends, MBCC folks, San Francisco peeps and others who feel like they really do know me beyond my identity as Moderator, God Complex Radio Co-Host, Blogger or that really weird social media pastor guy in San Francisco.
  • WHAT: Personal musings including, but not limited to, topics related to: my family, my travels, some unfiltered snark, a few random rants and all those pesky cross posting platforms like: dopplr, Yelp, gowalla, foursquare, posterous, etc.
  • WHEN: Because of the ways that I post and connect with other platforms there will probably be 5-6 updates and posts a day, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

My FB PAGE . . . is for those that are interested in keeping up with my thoughts and conversations about church, culture, politics, etc. but could care less about what I did with my family, what amazing San Francisco faire I ate for lunch or the lastest addition to my “Things I Hate More than Pesto” list.

  • WHO: Anyone who want to dive into some good discussions w/o all the personal stuff, you should be here.
  • WHAT: If you like to have some in depth discussions about faith, politics, culture and life you are invited to this party. While this could happen on the profile as well, this page will be saved for folks who really don’t want to follow the nooks and crannies of my life in such detail. Status update and osts will include questions, important links and any other things that I think might spark some good discussion.
  • WHEN: Not more than 2-3 times a day.

On Both

  • Like my ongoing “My life in pictures” posts.
  • Status updates, announcements and issues that I think are really important and worth putting out there to the larger body.

Thinning of the 5,000 . . . Every so often I will cull out my friend list.  Because I know there are many folks who have simply hidden my updates, they will not mind being unfriended.  So, every few months I’ll just put something out there that says,

Bruce means no disrespect, but if you have not interacted much with him over the past few months or do not say that you want to stay friends, you run the risk of being un-friended to make room for some other folks.

Okay . . . so that is about it.  I know, weird that I have to think about this, but it is what it is and figuring this out is just one more thing to add to a chaotic world that we need to navigate well.

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