219th General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (USA) Logo As you know, one of the privileges the the Office of Moderator holds is to select committee leadership for the following General Assembly.  With commissioner lists being finalized, it is that time of the year and in a few weeks, I will gather with Office of the General Assembly staff and we will fill out the very complicated matrix that is General Assembly Committee Leadership.

For those that have been to General Assemblies in the past, you know that the committee moderators and vice-moderators are both extremely important in their role AND extremely complicated in their constitution.  Committee leadership is important because these folks moderate and guide the work of the committee.  Things can always change and shift as the committees begin to work together, but like anyone who runs any meeting, they play a pivotal role in setting a good tone for the work ahead.  And when it comes to making sure that we are balanced and representative around he many ways that we exist: gender, race, age . . . you can imaging the chart that exists.  I am grateful for the staff who will help me in tracking and making good choices.

So this is where you come in. I need your help in lifting up people that you think might be strong committee leadership.  First, please keep in mind that there is a formal recommendation process which takes place through your Presbyteries, so please contact your Stated Clerk for more information.  While I will also receive input from General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery staff, what I am looking for from you all is to get more information and suggestions to add to the pot.  What I need from you is to send me the following information about any commissioner that you believe would be an effective moderator:

  • How do you know the commissioner?
  • Why you think that this commissioner would be an effective moderator?
  • Does this commissioner have any known affiliation/s with any Presbyterian-related advocacy group/s?
  • Any other information that might be helpful to know.

Please email all information to me BY APRIL 4, 2010: breyeschow+ga219@gmail.com.

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