Throughout my travels
as I have been attending conferences and visiting ministries, I
have invited folks to send me short write-ups on their ministries and,
with the understanding that, as I was able, I would post them on this
blog.  My hope in doing this is by no means to
touch upon all ministries with a Presbyterian connection, but only to
gives glimpses of the breadth and depth in which we engage in ministry
around the world.

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

Heavenonearth One of the things that we as a denomination MUST to do connect with a younger generation is to find ways to come along side of movements that we can both learn from and support.  I have always been impressed and intrigued with the work that has come out of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  Wonderful work.  This summer there is a VERY cool project, "Heaven on Earth Agrarian Road Trip to the US Social Forum."

Lets begin with some links: 

  • Website [PCUSA]
  • Facebook [PAGE]
  • Bus Route [MAP]
  • Application [PDF]
  • Contact Andrew Kang Bartlett [EMAIL]

And a few highlights . . .

Heaven on Earth is a road trip to the U.S. Social
Forum organized by the Presbyterian Hunger Program. We will travel
through several states making stops along the way to visit local food
and food justice projects. The trip will celebrate the decentralized,
grassroots sustainable food and agricultural revolution that is
sprouting up everywhere.

Who is invited?
Presbyterians and
non-Presbyterians alike are encouraged to come. There will be a group
of bloggers, photographers, activists, videographers, song
writer/musicians, professionals, journalists and young adults along for
the ride.

How will we get there?
We’ll hop in a couple of
biodiesel or electric cars and hit the highway and if no fuel-efficient
cars are to be found, we’ll buy carbon offsets and visit a dairy farm
methane biodigester along the way. We have a network of people and
congregations in place that will help find us a place to stay each

Ellen Davis, professor at Duke Divinity, and author of Scripture, Culture and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible, will ground the trip in the Bible.

Jud Hendrix, a young pastor at PC(USA)’s Covenant Community Church – will help the journeyers process the experience and facilitate conversation cafes with congregations and folks along the way. We will attempt to develop a living theology as we experience the growing local agrarian renaissance.


If you know anyone that might be interested please be sure to let them know about this very exciting opportunity!

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