Public Religion Research Institute One of the exciting commitments I have is that of a board member for the Public Religion Research Institute. I am particularly excited about this group, and the reason I agreed to sit on the board, because of the types of things that we will be taking on over the next few years. We are tackling questions and issues that I believe matter to those engaged in ministry, faith and politics at a grass roots level. 

One such poll that will be released on TUESDAY, March 23 took a look at people's views, perceptions and understandings on immigration reform.  Among the survey’s key findings:

  • Two-thirds of Americans, including strong majorities of white evangelicals, Catholics, and Mainline Protestants, support a comprehensive approach that offers illegal immigrants an earned path to citizenship.
  • Overwhelming majorities of Americans, including Mainline Protestants, Catholics, and evangelicals, share a strong belief that immigration reform should be guided not only by values such as promoting national security and ensuring fairness to taxpayers, but also by the values of protecting the dignity of every person and keeping families together.
  • Meanwhile, there is a significant “values gap” between Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters, which fuels different approaches to the issue.
  • Religious voters across major religious traditions hear relatively little about immigration at their place of worship, but they are comfortable with clergy speaking out about the issue of immigration in a wide variety of venues, including the pulpit, community meetings, and the media.

I have been moved by the information that comes out of this group, information that not only explored topics in different ways, but also does not always produce expected information. If you want to keep up with what is going on feel free to follow on Twitter: @publicreligion as well as Executive Director, @robertpjones or on FACEBOOK.

If you are interested in calling in for the Telephone News Conference here is the basic info.  Complete information can be found HERE.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 23 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

WHAT: Release of new nationwide survey on religion, values, and immigration       

  • Dr. Robert P. Jones
    , CEO, Public Religion Research Institute
  • Father Tom Reese, Senior Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center
    at Georgetown University

  • Rich Nathan
    , Senior Pastor of the more than 10,000-member
    Vineyard Church, Columbus, Ohio
  • Katie Paris, Faith in Public Life

RSVP: Members of the press, please RSVP to Kristin Williams
to reserve your spot.

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