IMG_1667As promised, I'll try to keep folks up to date as much as possible and appropriate via my blog and twitter.  Here is the first as we begin our Japan journey.

Right now I am sitting at the gate of Japan Air as I and the other commissioners from the CA State Toyota Nummi Commission get ready for a meeting with Toyota Executives to talk about our report about the Fremont closure. 

This has been an interesting journey thus far and as I get deeper into this my hope is building about the possibilities for some movement and will still hold to our charge to do all that we can to keep the Toyota NUMMI plant open. I have been getting up to speed on some of the issues Toyota is facing in Japan and it is good to see some of the signs that conversations may be opening up.  A tempered optimism have I.

I would encourage you to read the report in it's entirety if you want to know more as well as check out a few of the new articles that are floating around out there.

Here are a few that gives a breadth of the story.

  • Full Toyota NUMMI Comission Report [PDF]
  • Sacramento Bee Editorial [READ]
  • LA Times [READ]
  • KTVU Report [READ]
  • KQED Radio [LISTEN]
  • NUMMI Twitter List [FOLLOW]

I will be blogging and twittering my way through our three-day Japan journey – yes three days, so no, I won't actually see Japan – but in the mean time, lets also keep workers, families, management and all impacted by the planned closure in our prayers. Peace.

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